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Working Groups

The overall goal for the working groups is to provide strategic advice for the European commission, where a two-way communication between the European commission and national initiatives is aimed for.

Activities continue within each of the Working Groups (WG) of the platform.

WG1, which deals with Network Operation and Assets, is now working on topics like asset management, power electronics, resilience and security. It expects also to organise again a workshop by the end of the year with the ELECTRA project.

WG2 focuses on Storage technologies for smartgrids and it started its activities in October 2014. At the moment it is aiming to issue a paper on the most promising storage technologies for smartgrids in Europe by the end of the year.

WG3 focuses on Demand side, metering and retail and is the oldest of all WGs. It has just started to work on the new and very wide area of Energy Digitalisation as well as Cyber security. It expects to issue a first paper on the first matter by the end of 2015 to be followed by a second one dealing with related cyber security aspects. Experts workshop(s) dealing with the matter are expected to be organised in the next months.

Finally new ad hoc groups are working on the use of smart meter data for network operation, resilience and security and power electronics at the distribution level.

In addition, the working groups have an active collaboration with other European initiatives like EERA, SEDC, EASE and national smart grid platforms to exchange technological challenges, broaden their vision and inform local stakeholders about the strategic decisions that will be taken at European level.

Current working groups are:


The ETP is currently under going a restructuration, applying to Working Groups is temporary suspended, more information will follow soon.

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