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Advisory Council

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Between 2005 and mid 2009 the Technology Platform was steered and monitored by an Advisory Council (AC), nominated in May 2005. It provided guidance on the definition, initiation and putting in place of the structure, procedures and work programme. The Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of the AC were elected in June 2005. The Advisory Council decided the initiatives to lead the Platform and its initial steps.

MEMBERS OF THE PAST ADVISORY COUNCIL - THIS GROUP IS NOW CLOSED and its role has been taken by the Steering Committee

Pier Nabuurs
CEO, KEMA, The Netherlands - Chairman
Ronnie Belmans
Full Professor and Chairman of ELIA, K.U. Leuven, Belgium - Vice Chairman
Duncan Botting
Managing Director; ITI Energy, UK - Vice Chairman
Yves Bamberger
Executive Vice-President, Head of Corporate EDF R&D, EDF, France
João Baptista
Executive Director, ELECPOR, Portugal
Bernd Michael Buchholz
Senior Consultant, Siemens AG PTD, Germany
Richard Charnah
Technology Director, AREVA T&D, UK
Maher Chebbo
Vice President Utilities Industry, Europe Middle East and Africa, SAP A.G., Germany
Venizelos Efthymiou
Network Development Projects Manager, Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Cyprus
Livio Gallo
Chief Operating Officer, Infrastructure and Networks Division. Enel, Italy
Edmund Handschin
Professor, University of Dortmund, Germany
Nikos Hatziargyriou
Vice Chairman and deputy CEO, PPC, Greece
Nick Jenkins
Professor, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Tahir Kapetanovic
Director Electricity, Energie-Control GmbH, Austria
Urban Keussen
Managing Director, E.O.N. Netz GmbH, Germany
Marianne Moscoso-Osterkorn
International Director, REEEP, Austria
Jacob Østergaard
Professor and Head of Centre for Electric Technology, Technical University of Denmark
Carlo Sabelli
Director Dispatching Activities, TERNA, Italy
Miguel Ángel Sánchez Fornié
Director Control Systems and Telecommunications, Iberdrola, Spain
Norberto Santiago Elustondo
President, Grupo ZIV SA, Spain
Paul Smith
EirGrid, Ireland
Magdalena Wasiluk-Hassa
Director, PSE Operator, Poland


European Commission

Raffaele Liberali
Director of Directorate K, DG RTD
Fabrizio Barbaso
Director of Directorate D, DG TREN


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