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Mission and Objectives

ETP SG Mission statement

The ETP SmartGrids offers strategic guidance for its stakeholders on the development of technologies related to Smart Grids that will address the future needs of electricity networks in the European electricity supply system.  The stakeholders include: the European Commission and legislators; system operators; manufacturers of power equipment, solutions and services; the relevant parts of the ICT industry; research organisations; regulators and academia.  The strategic guidance is developed through mobilisation of the expertise resident in the stakeholders and exerts its influence through efficient dissemination of the strategic agendas developed.

The ETP SG Vision and Scope

 Fostering and supporting the research and development (R&D) of SmartGrids Technologies in Europe that can optimally facilitate the sustainable energy development and use with a perspective towards 2035, with focus on integrating SmartGrids technology in the whole energy system value chain that can maximize sustainable energy targets and objectives.

Key stakeholders for the ETP SmartGrids include: power system and component manufacturers, smart monitoring/metering systems manufacturers and /or operators,  smart control and automation system providers, telecom system service providers, transmission system operators (TSO), distribution system operators (DSO), large and small-scale electricity generators, energy system service providers (retailers, storage providers), prosumer organizations, grid regulators, political decision makers at European and national level, SmartGrids research centers, technology institutes and universities.

The ETP SG has published the Strategic Research Agenda 2035 and has identified the top priorities among the Smart Grids SRA 2035 Research Topics.  These two documents comprise the consolidated views of a large number of experts mobilized within the ETP SG activities and they constitute important and valid documents.

In order to align these priorities with the ETP Mission, as envisaged by the EC, the following functions need to be further developed:

Strategy function

  1. Alignment with EU High Level Policy Objectives
  2. Contribution to EU competitiveness
  3. Alignment-Distinction with other Initiatives
  4. Revision of Priorities

Mobilizing function

The best ways to mobilize the industry and other stakeholders beyond the members of the ETP SG Executive Council to work in partnership and deliver on agreed priorities including financial commitments need to be found. This mobilization has twofold objectives: to increase the involvement of stakeholders and thus mobilize the largest possible research potential in EU and to provide feedback to the strategy function. Close interaction with national or regional R&D initiatives and programmes will critically support these objectives.

Dissemination function

The most effective ways to share information and enable knowledge transfer to a wide range of stakeholders across the EU needs to be worked out. Dissemination of goals and priorities, including achievements in Conferences, dedicated workshops, etc. will help in the mobilizing function, but also provide valuable feedback to the strategy function.

The ETP SG functions and their interactions are schematically presented in the following figure:



Download ETP SG Mission - Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure

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