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European Electricity Grid Initiative

The European Electricity Grid Initiative (EEGI) is one of the European Industrial Initiatives under the Strategic Energy Technologies Plan (SET-PLAN) and proposes a 9-year European research, development and demonstration (RD&D) programme to accelerate innovation and the development of the electricity networks of the future in Europe.

The programme focuses on system innovation rather than on technology innovation, and addresses the challenge of integrating new technologies under real life working conditions and validating the results.

EEGI's objectives are the base of the EEGI Roadmap 2010-18 and Implementation Plan 2010-12, which has been prepared by ENTSO-E and EDSO4SG in close collaboration with the European Commission, ERGEG and other relevant stakeholders. This Implementation Plan has been formally endorsed at the SET-PLAN conference in Madrid on 3rd of June 2010.

ENTSO-E is the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, representing 42 Transmission System Operators (TSOs) from 34 countries. Founded in December 2008, it’s legal raison d’être is Regulation (EC) 714/2009 on electricity cross-border exchanges. EDSO for SmartGrids was created by a number of Distribution System Operators and is open to wide membership . The two associations, jointly with the European Technology Platform SmartGrids and the GRID+ Project will play an important role in the planning, monitoring and dissemination of this initiative. In the dissemination of the results regarding the distribution network, Eurelectric will also play a key role.

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