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WG1 Network operation and assets


Venizelos Efthymiou, EAC

Description of the Working Group and Objectives

Asset management and network operation

Introduction of renewable energies inevitably presents a challenge for the electricity grid operation nowadays. Instead of an unidirectional energy flow from the central power plant to the end consumer, distributed energy resources are introduced. This requires a new method of network operation, which can actively monitor and control the flows in the grid.

This working group discusses the ongoing technological advances in the electricity grid from transmission to distribution level. Introducing intelligence at various levels (e.g. real-time voltage measurements, smart substations…) can be a solution for increasing renewable injection, while asset management becomes important when dealing with the increasing electrification.


WG1 last meetings

  • 28/09/2015: Conference call
  • 20/07/2015: Conference call
  • 16/06/2015: Physical meeting, Lyon
  • 22/04/2015: Telco. Update on the activities of Steering Committee and Secretariat, mainly the national smart grid platform workshop 28-04 and the General Assembly 29-04. Feedback on Grid+ Storage Project.
  • 17/12/2014: Joint Workshop with ELECTRA Project (on invitation only). Find further information at "ELECTRA / Working Group 1 ETP SmartGrids Joint Technical Workshop on Network Operation for 2030+" new here.
  • 17/09/2014: Physical meeting. Aggregation of all comments in the base sample document and discussion as a basis for the report.
  • 27/08/2014: Telco. Discussion comments for each of the tasks defined.
  • 25/06/2014: Physical meeting. Discussion on the base sample and task division for the summer
  • 28/05/2014: Telco. Update on activities and interaction ETP – EEGI, Grid+ gap analysis and Integrated Roadmap
  • 02/04/2014: Physical meeting. Kick off meeting, set up of strategic goals and future communication

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