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The four main activity lines of the secretariat are:

  • Supporting the main bodies that are part of the internal structure of the SmartGrids ETP: Steering Committee and working groups, in the organisation and management of periodic meetings and internal communication exchange.
  • Providing support in the definition, management and development of high quality public results.
  • Providing support in the implementation of a communication strategy based around an information centre(public internet site), international conferences, newsletters, participation in other conferences and direct cooperation with the European Commission.
  • Implementing monitoring activities and quality control reviews of platform activities and results. The consortium for this project comprises three complementary partners uniting all necessary skills to achieve the objective.


As a result of a call for proposals to support the European Technology Platform SmartGrids, the European Commission is providing financial support to run the secretariat for the ETP SmartGrids Electricity Networks of the Future. The consortium comprises three complementary partners:



With its headquarters in Pamplona (Spain), and offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, Vigo and Brussels, Zabala Innovation Consulting is an independent firm founded in 1986. The company aims at collaboration with enterprises and public and private institutions for innovation management, international co-operation and adaptation of both firms and innovation policy-makers to the new European and global environment. To face these challenges, Zabala relies on a team of 120 professionals who provide multidisciplinary and complementary perspectives, and offer a wide range of services in order to increase the competitiveness of enterprises, as ultimate objective. With more than 20 years experience in national and international RTDI project management, Zabala has assisted more then 1.000 industrial firms on the planning, management and finance of their RTD and innovation activities. Every year Zabala submits over 100 national RTD and innovation projects on behalf of its client companies to the Spanish authorities along with many more to European funding programmes, from which some annual 20 RTD and innovation projects are specifically from companies of the energy sector.



BacherEnergie is an SME, located in 5400 Baden, Switzerland which supports the management of the Electricity grid operators, Consumers, Producers, Traders, Balance group responsible, Governments, Regulators, Research institutions in Europe, Switzerland, Austria, Germany in solving the many complex and strategic questions in the electricity and energy field (market opening/security of supply/costs and tariffs, new regulation and laws, energy future and SmartGrids/SmartMetering, prosumers, renewable energies/energy efficiency). BACHER ENERGIE AG has strong competences both in the energy and electricity and related ICT areas. This includes technical, technological, systems aspects, but also issues related to market and legal framework policy making for grids and its users. BACHER ENERGIE AG has the role of SmartGrids expert dedicated to support the ETP SmartGrids secretariat work and its stakeholders on the road into the new energy future.



The ELECTA research group of the electrical engineering department of the K.U. Leuven performs research on all aspects of the generation, transmission, distribution and rational use of electrical energy. The group is headed by Prof. R. Belmans, whose research area covers techno-economical aspects of the liberalized electricity markets, with special emphasis on the transmission system. Topics covered are non-linear flow control, modelling of power flow (static and dynamic), congestion management, pricing of transmission, impact of regulatory affairs on the system performance. Three other professors are within the group. They manage the research assisted by 4 post-doc, 30 Ph.D. students are working within the group.


European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories (DERlab)

The Association of the “European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories” (in short DERlab) is an International cluster of 30 research institutes performing activities in the field of Distributed Energy Resources and has the purpose to achieve a more environmentally sustainable power generation by supporting the transition of energy supply systems towards more decentralised power generation. The Association pursues its purpose by fostering and maintaining the exchange of scientific information and views and by training of its members as well as by organising events for knowledge transfer. In particular, the Association provides information to politics, public administration and media to achieve the acceptance of pre-competitive and pre-normative research activities. DERlab organises, prepares, conducts, and supports projects facilitating the research in the area of the development, optimisation and harmonisation of test procedures for devices and systems related to Distributed Energy Resources. Finally DERlab organises and conducts scientific events, training and education activities.



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