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4th General Assembly: Programme and Presentations

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1st Day: 8 March 2012

9:30h Registration + Welcome coffee  

Session I

10:30h The ETP SmartGrids outcomes and highlights on the Strategic Research Agenda 2035.

Chair: Dr. Ronnie Belmans, Chairman of the ETP SmartGrids

  • SRA 2035 research areas, tasks and topics: Dr. Rainer Bacher, Managing Director of Bacher Energy Ltd
  • Panel discussion with the audience

12:30h Lunch break 

Session II

13:30h Welcome by host organisation. Mr. Livio Gallo, CEO of Enel Distribuzione and Managing Director of Enel Networks and Infrastructure Division

13:50h The stakeholders contribution to the SRA 2035

Chair: Dr. Maher Chebbo, Vice President Utilities Industry, Europe Middle East and Africa, SAP A.G.

15:10h Endorsement of the SRA 2035

15:20h Coffee break  

Session III

15:35h SmartGrids projects in Europe

Chair: Mr. Ruud de Bruijne, Coordinator of ERA-NET SmartGrids

  • The Smart Grid Monitor - An overview of Smart Grid projects in Europe. Mr. Ruud de Bruijne, Coordinator of ERA-NET SmartGrids
  • Ongoing projects:

TWENTIES. Mr. José Luis Mata, Red Eléctrica de España

ADDRESS. Mrs. Paola Petroni, ADDRESS Project Coordinator

  • Projects in start-up:              

Grid4EU. Mr. Rémy Garaude Verdier, Project Manager at ERDF

EcoGrid EU. Ms. Jeannette M. Jørgensen, R&D Coordinator at

Green eMotion. Mr. Thomas Wiedemann, New Technologies, RWE Deutschland AG

17:15h Cocktail hosted by EDSO for Smart Grids 


2nd Day: 9 March 2012

Session IV

9:30h EU research at work

Chair: Dr. Duncan Botting, Executive Chairman Scottish European Green Energy Centre

11:15h Coffee break  

Session V

11:45h European Commission financing programme: Horizon 2020.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Mr. Rudolf Strohmeier, Deputy Director-General for Scientific Advances, DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission

12:05h Financing future research: Different views

Chair: Mr. Per-Olof Granstrom, Secretary General of EDSO for SmartGrids

  • Member States and Associated States:

EUROGIA+. Mr. Chris Besson, EUROGIA+

  • Network Operators:

ENTSO-E. Mr. Angelo Ferrante, TERNA

EDSO for SmartGrids. Mr. Francesco Amadei, Head of Regulatory and Antitrust Compliance, ENEL Distribuzione

  • Technology Providers:

        T&D Europe. Dr. Hermann Koch, Siemens

  • Regulators:

Incentive-regulation for smart grids. Highlights from the Italian experience. Mr. Andrea Oglietti, Head of Innovative and specific regulation unit, AEEG

  • Financing institutions:

European Investment Bank. Ms. Paola Bresesti, Deputy Technical Adviser, EIB

12:30h Panel Discussion. Moderator: Mr. Roberto Zangrandi, Head of EU Institutional Relations at Enel

Closing Session

13:15h Conclusion remarks. Dr. Ronnie Belmans, Chairman of the ETP SmartGrids

13:30h Lunch

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