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February 2016


ETP SmartGrids 6th General Assembly: Celebrating 10+ of European success stories – 19 May 2016, Brussels


The ETP SMARTGRIDS will organise its General Assembly jointly with the Photovoltaic Platform on the 18 and 19 May 2016 in Brussels. Over 200 experts from the Smartgrids and Photovoltaic community are expected to meet in Brussels!

The General Assembly will be the occasion to review eleven years of activities and European’s success stories as a pioneer in the development of Smartgrids; how the ETP established the Smartgrids name in Europe, contributed to its success and to look ahead at future challenges for the European Smartgrids and storage community.

The new European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP) will be launched.

Let's celebrate!

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Workshop on Infrastructure Investments/Smart Grids in South East Europe

On 22 February, EURELECTRIC and HEDNO organise a Workshop on the key role and financing of smartgrids investments in South East Europe, as an important geo-strategic energy corridor. The workshop will be held in Eurelectric offices in Brussels.

Registration is free of charge and open online until the 20th of February. After this deadline you can register onsite at the event.

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Participate to Grid+Storage regional workshops and provide your feed-back for future RD&I priorities

The ETP Smartgrids is happy to announce the next Grid+Storage workshops to be held until March 2016.

All stakeholders involved in R&I activities about smart grids and energy storage integration in the power system are invited to attend these workshops.

Registrations are open for the following six remaining workshops!

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3rd National Smart Grid Webinar: The Spanish Smartgrid Centre – FUTURED

On 17 December 2015, the National Platform Webinar series of the ETP SmartGrids visited Spain. The four projects presented could demonstrate the purpose of a national SmartGrids platform as FUTURED: technology development and innovation.

Being founded in 2005, FUTURED is one of the oldest Smart Grid platforms in the world.

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2nd ELECTRA / WG1 ETP SmartGrids Joint Technical Workshop: the Web of Cells and alternative Concepts - New Architectures for the Grid of the Future

The technical workshop jointly organized by the ELECTRA IRP and the ETP SmartGrids WG1 led to a general consensus on most of the principles constituting the Web-of-Cells concept. The Web-of-Cells are capable of developing a robust and resilient grid well suited to handle the expected high penetration of variable renewable energy sources and the integration of the needed supportive technologies.

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Energy Digitalisation Workshop

On 24 November, the ETP Smartgrids organised an online workshop dedicated to Energy digitalization. The event aimed at gathering experts to discuss the Digitalisation strategies of different companies and draw conclusions to be used on a forthcoming ETP Smartgrids position paper.

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ETP Smart Grids co-organised The Innovation Programme as part of the European Utility Week 2015, Vienna.

The ETP Smartgrids co-created this year the Innovation Programme, with a track dedicated to “Utilities Outlook: The future we can only imagine” on 4th November 2015 in Vienna. The Smart utilities of the future are still at the innovation stage. Long term scenario exercise building contribute to the sustainability of the business models.

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CEER Key support elements of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in Europe: moving towards market integration

This document presents a detailed analysis of the key aspects of operational support schemes for renewable energy sources across the European Union and explains the developments expected in the years to come.

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Vision for a ‘Digital DSO’

The European Distribution System Operators for Smart Grids (EDSO) has issued a position paper which posits a vision for a ‘Digital DSO,’ capturing the key messages of its recent responses to the European Commission consultations

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World Energy Resources Report 2016, E-storage: Shifting from cost to value 2016 – wind and solar applications

Energy storage costs could decrease up to 70% in the next 15 years, according to a report called E-Storage: Shifting from Cost to Value, by Paul Gardner from DNV GL and other authors. This report was published by the World Energy Council.

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Mobilising investment for Europe’s Energy Union

The European Commission agreed in August on a package of measures designed to ensure that the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) is up and running early autumn. EFSI will be the launchpad for investment in the areas of our economy that need it most, mobilising €315 billion worth of investment over the coming years.

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A New Deal for energy consumers, EP Think Tank Briefing

This New Deal is one of several consumer-related actions envisaged in the Energy Union strategy and is designed to inform future actions in this field, including proposed legislation.

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IFAC Workshop on Control of Transmission and Distribution Smart Grids calls for papers

The IFAC TC 6.3 is interested in organizing a number of Invited Sessions on Control of Transmission and Distribution Smart Grids, which are focusing on all control aspects that are relevant to the Transmission and Distribution Smart Grid.

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8-9 February 2016, Athens (Greece). Grid+Storage regional workshop: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Romania

15-16 February 2016, Madrid (Spain). Grid+Storage regional workshop: Iberia

22 February, Brussels (Belgium). Workshop on Infrastructure Investments/Smart Grids in SE Europe

24-25 February 2016, London (United Kingdom). Clean Energy Finance Europe 2016

24-25 February 2016, Vienna (Austria). Grid+Storage regional workshop: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia

29 February-1 March, Rome (Italy). Grid+Storage regional workshop: Croatia, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Switzerland

9-10 March 2016, Munich (Germany). Grid+Storage regional workshops: Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland

14-15 March, London (United Kingdom). Grid+Storage regional workshops: Ireland and UK

15 March, Birmingham (United Kingdom). 2nd Annual Utility Week Future Networks Conference

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