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4th General Assembly

Presentations and Conference summary are already available.

The 4th General Assembly of the European Technology Platform on SmartGridsorganised with the support of the ERANET-SmartGrids project, was held in Rome on 8-9 March 2012.

It is the premier forum for those who look to the future, those who want to be active making a low carbon future creating an open and free energy market for Europe’s electrical power sector and its customers.

The event program was designed to bring audience up to date with smart grid thinking from a full range of stakeholders: politicians, regulators, legislators, academics, manufacturers and network companies.

The theme of this Assembly was: The new Strategic Research Agenda 2035.

The new SRA 2035 will serve as key input to the current EU Framework Programme, its successor Horizon 2020 and other SmartGrids research, development and demonstration initiatives both on national and European levels with the goal to advance the SmartGrids based European Energy System.

Sound strategic thinking is essential but on its own adds nothing to the benefit of society. We must apply our greatest endeavours to bringing the reality into being for, without smart grids, Europe’s goals for lower carbon electricity, energy efficiency, security of supplies and a free market cannot be achieved.

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