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The European Technology Platform for Electricity Networks of the Future, also called ETP SmartGrids, is the key European forum for the crystallisation of policy and technology research and development pathways for the smart grids sector, as well as the link between EU-level related initiatives.


Information about the ongoing Working Groups updated!

Nov 2014. The overall goal of the working groups is to provide strategic advice for the European Commission, where a two-way communication between the European Commission and national initiatives is aimed for. In addition, the working groups have an active collaboration with other European initiatives.

Currently there are 3 Working Groups running:

  • WG1: Network operation and assets
  • WG2: Energy storage and grid integration
  • WG3: Demand side, metering and retail

Find more informaton about their Objectives, Members and Last meetings on the Working Groups section

5th General Assembly of the ETP SmartGrids. 29 Apr 2015, Brussels – SAVE THE DATE!

The 5th General Assembly of the ETP on SmartGrids will take place on 29 April 2015 in Brussels. The event will bring you up-to-date information on smart grids technology priorities for Europe from a full range of stakeholders: manufacturers, network operators, academics, decision-makers, regulators… More than 200 participants are foreseen!

The ETP SmartGrids will present on that occasion its views on the future H2020 Work Programme for 2016-2017 highlighting most pressing EU RD&D needs in the field of smartgrids. Don´t miss the chance to attend the event, and save the date! More information will be available soon.

If you would like to sponsor the ETP SmartGrids General Assembly, please contact:

The ETP SmartGrids also aims to strengthen cooperation with national Smartgrids platforms and actors. Therefore the day prior to the General Assembly, on 28 April, a Joint ETP SG and National SmartGrids Initiatives Workshop will be held (On invitation only).

New EC Communication on internal Energy Market: Smart Grids requires further investments says report

On 13 October 2014 the European Commission published a new Communication “Progress towards Completing the Internal Energy Market” (COM (2014) 634).

The communication highlights the progresses that have been achieved in completing the internal energy market as well as the trends and developments of the EU Energy Markets. In addition to the Communication a series of reports have been published on investments, unbundling and enforcement. Beside this, an assessment of the energy market in the 28 EU member states has been published on this occasion.

In addition to describing what has been achieved so far, it is worth noting that the EC highlights the need to further investment in infrastructure including smart grids. In particular the Communication underlines the central role of the Smart grids deployment to deal with the challenges of tomorrow.

The Commission also insists on the fact that consumers should become more active players in the energy market, for this, smart-meters will play a key role.

Finally the Communication draws the attention on Data privacy related to the deployment of Smart grids.

Read the complete Communication accesing here.

New Data Protection Impact Assessment Template for smart grids and smart metering systems and Commission Recommendation, published on 10th October 2014

The Data Protection Impact Assessment Template for smart grids and smart metering systems (DPIA Template) serves as an evaluation and decision-making tool for entities planning or executing investments in the smart grids sector. It helps them identify and anticipate risks to data protection, privacy and security. It then describes the most suitable safeguards in proportion to these risks. The DPIA Template will help ensure progress towards adequate and harmonized protection of personal data and enhanced security in smart grids and smart metering across the EU. It will provide benefits for consumers, Data Protection Authorities and industry.

The European Commission has adopted a recommendation on the DPIA Template which provides guidance to Member States on how to support its implementation by data controllers.

Fore more information go here

ETP SmartGrids identified the top priorities among the Smart Grids SRA 2035 Research Topics.

After an interactive workshop with several experts and open consultation process, the ETP SmartGrids finally published a summary of the top priority topics from the Strategic Research Agenda 2035 that require early adoption by European and National funding programmes.

Access the report on priority topics from the SRA2035 here.


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